House Fire in New Windsor
By Assistant Chief Christopher Harris
June 10, 2017

Box 10-16. At 15:48 hrs., “Carroll” dispatched units from Stations 10, 8, 3 and 6 for a house fire at 107 Springdale Avenue in New Windsor. Immediately after the dispatch, Chief 10-1 (M. Moser) responded and requested the Rapid Intervention Dispatch (RID) to be added based on the large column of smoke in the area.

Engine 101 arrived at 15:51 hrs., to find a single story, single family home with heavy fire showing from the rear of the house and the attached garage. Chief 10 (T. Coe) established “Springdale Avenue Command” and verified that the occupants of the home had evacuated. As lines were deployed, several large explosions occurred in the garage which intensifying the fire. Engine 101’s crew deployed multiple hand-lines to knock the fire in the garage and cutting off the fire from gaining progress inside of the home. Engine 102 and Engine 81 arrived and their crews assisted the initial attack crews inside the home by opening up walls and ceiling and extinguishing the fire. As other units arrived, specific assignments were given to bring the fire under control quickly.

The fire was placed “Under Control” at 16:06, only 14 minutes after the arrival of the fire department. In addition to the structural damage, three cars were damaged by the fire. The fire remains under investigation by the State Fire Marshal's Office. The explosions that occurred early in the incident were determined to be home oxygen and propane cylinders which had failed due to the fire.

The Red Cross is assisting the 7 occupants who were displaced by the fire. There were no firefighter injuries however one civilian was transported to the hospital from the incident scene. About 40 firefighters operated on the scene for just over 3 hours.

Units On-Scene: E-101, E102, B-105, PM-109, Utility 10, Utility 10-1 (New Windsor); E-81, RS-8, Utility 8-1 (Union Bridge); Engine 81, Rescue Squad 8, Utility 8-1; E-33, TW-3, PM-38, Duty 3 (Westminster); E-61 (Pleasant Valley); E-142 (Winfield); FM-44 (Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office)